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PCR2-IN Datasheet


PCR2 are bi-directional people counters that use a novel 24 GHz radar transceiver to detect motion from both directions simultaneously. This allows the devices to be mounted parallel to the walking direction. PCR2 detects both directions independently when a certain distance exists between people. Meter readings are transmitted at regular intervals over a public or private LoRaWAN™ network. All parametric sensors are equipped with a USB configuration port for firmware setup and update.


  • Anonymous people counting by using 24 GHz radar
  • Bi-directional movement detection
  • 2 LEDs signaling left-to-right or right-to-left detections
  • Operating modes: interval counter, totalizer
  • LoRaWAN™ data uplink intervals between 1min up to 1 day
  • Remote configuration by LoRaWAN™ downlink
  • Slim-line design with hidden fixing points, available in two colors
  • External power supply 5-12V DC or USB
  • USB port for configuration and firmware updates
  • 24 months warranty, extendable to 60 month
  • Lifetime firmware updates
  • Free online setup tool
  • Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland


  • Peopleflow measurement in shops, malls, trade shows
  • Facility management

Power Options

External USB Power Supply

External USB Power Supply
Connector Micro-USB-B socket
Power Input 25mA @ 5VDC

External DC Power

External DC Power
Terminals 2 Cage Clamp, Push-In
Recommended Wire Diameter 12-22 AWG (0.2 – 0.75mm²)
Power Input 25mA @ 5VDC
19mA @ 12VDC

Mounting Options

Wall mounted

When mounted at a wall PCR2 can detect people passing by in both directions on walkways 0.5m up to 5m wide.

IMPORTANT: Persons walking side-by-side will be counted as one person.

Wall mounting

Ceiling mounted

When mounted over head take care that there is more than 50cm distance between persons head an the sensor

IMPORTANT: Persons passing by walking side by side ca not be separated and will be counted as one person.

Ceiling mounting

Technical Specification

Radar Detection

Radar Detection
Frequency 24GHz
Beam Aperture 80° / 34°
Range 50-500cm
Movement detection bi-directional
Movement speed 1-20 km/h
Mounting side mounting
over head
Counting modes interval

LoRaWAN® Modem

LoRaWAN® Modem
LoRaWAN® Specification 1.0.3
LoRaWAN® Regional Parameters v1.0.3revA
Supported LoRaWAN® Device Classes A or C
Supported LoRaWAN® Features OTAA, ADR, LinkCheck, DeviceTime
Supported LoRaWAN® Regions EU863-870
AU915-928 (8 selectable sub-bands)
US902-928 (8 selectable sub-bands)
Antenna Type monopole, dual-band
Antenna Bands (ISM) 868-870 MHz
902-928 MHz
Antenna Gain 0.3 @ 868 MHz, 1.0 @ 902 MHz


Enclosure Charcoal grey: ABS UL94-V0
White grey: ASA UL94-HB
Size (L x W x H) 100 x 100 x 25mm
Protection class (IEC 60529) IP2X
Weight 145g
Wall mount holes behind hinged caps

PCR2 Dimensions

Ordering information

SKU Type LoRaWAN Region Configuration Color
PCR2-EU868-IN/C Indoor People Counter EU863-870 Charcoal grey
PCR2-EU868-IN/G Indoor People Counter EU863-870 White grey
PCR2-AS923-IN/C Indoor People Counter AS923 Charcoal grey
PCR2-AS923-IN/G Indoor People Counter AS923 White grey
PCR2-AU915-IN/C Indoor People Counter AU915-928 (8 selectable sub-bands) Charcoal grey
PCR2-AU915-IN/G Indoor People Counter AU915-928 (8 selectable sub-bands) White grey
PCR2-US915-IN/C Indoor People Counter US902-928 (8 selectable sub-bands) Charcoal grey
PCR2-US915-IN/G Indoor People Counter US902-928 (8 selectable sub-bands) White grey